Give Thanks


What if we woke up today with only the things we thanked God for yesterday?  What would you have?  Would you have your family, friends, food to eat, water to drink, a roof over your head, shoes on your feet, clothing, job?  Would there be flowers, birds, trees, stars in the sky, sunshine?  Would the earth still be turning and would you still be on it?


Luckily God doesn’t work that way, but maybe we should approach life as is He did.  Being thankful for everything – every breathe of air, every sweet smell, every giggle from a child, smile from a stranger.  Take a moment to look at the sky, really look at it.  Take in the colors in it, the clouds, the miracle of a bird in flight or a plane crossing over. Slow down at your meal today and savor every bite, really enjoy it, smell it.  Notice every detail of all that is around you, try to be fully there in all you do.


And as you do this thank God continually in your heart all day.  Let your every thought send a silent prayer of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord our God and creator.  Thank Him for all He created, all He has blessed you with, but most of all, Thank Him for his Son!   Thank Him for sending Him to die for you on the cross at Calvary that you might be free today of the bonds of sin and chains of death.  Thank Him for the peace and mercy He poured out, literally when His blood was spilled by the nails and spear- that washed you clean.  Thank Him for loving a broken, weary, unworthy sinner like you.




I know I will, I do, I give Him all the glory and praise and thanksgiving, for it is only through and by Christ that I even have anything to give thanks for this Thanksgiving Day.  Or any other day.  He is always the source of all my blessings – my rock, my redeemer, my high fortress, my strength, my Savior, my God.


Jesus is my hero and I will praise Him today and always. 





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