Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Day, the day we celebrate our dear Savior’s birth, our King’s birth.  The day we pause to ponder the significance of one tiny baby boy, dressed in rags, lying in a manger, born of a virgin in a stable.  Yet, foretold by prophets, announced by angels and a whole heavenly host, visited by shepherds and Magi.  Welcomed by a few, rejected by many, needed by all.  A tiny baby boy whose birth changed the world, flipped it upside down, turned the tables on the curse of sin and death.  Hope, pure love, eternal life, promise all in that tiny baby, Jesus.

I have thought a lot about that this year how God came down to earth, made himself human in the form of a baby.  A baby dependent on his sweet momma for nourishment, love, care, all those things we momma’s are so good at and his carpenter daddy for protection, strength, support, guidance, love, all those things daddy’s are so good at. 

I picture him growing up from the tiny helpless babe wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manger to a toddling, rambunctious tot to an inquisitive questioner anxious to learn all about his father’s world.  I think back to each stage of my own son’s life and know that Mary and Joseph must have had similar memories of their time with God’s Son.  Moments that made them laugh, cry, most likely yell a time or two but then again this is the Son of God, God himself so maybe no yelling.  Well, I would just about bet that there was yelling when He was found teaching in the synagogue at the tender age of 12 – father’s house or no I bet those parents were filled with fear, anxiety, doubt and yes, anger .  They were also filled with overflowing love, wonder at the way their boy taught, what he had to say, and the fact that they could no longer deny that their Jesus was God’s Jesus sent here to do His work.  They must have felt unimaginable awe, wonder and even fear at what the future would hold for this Son of God.  Their baby boy.

But mostly I think about the wonder of it all.  That God loved us so very much He humbled himself to become one of us, to experience life as we do.  I mean, he’s God he could have come at any age, but he chose to come to earth as the most humble, helpless, defenseless age – an infant.  That’s love.   We had messed up our chance to be near to him back in the garden so He decided to come here to be near to us, wash us clean, make us whole – but in doing so He did it in a way that let Him become like us, a perfect example for us to model our lives after before He became the perfect sacrifice for our sins, thus conquering death and the grave giving us eternal life with God, enabling us to be near to the Lord once more.  Giving us a million reasons to rejoice, shout Hallelujah, to praise God with our every breathe.  For our eternal salvation was once a baby boy!

Merry Christmas! Let’s rejoice for our King has come and will come again!


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