The Time of the End

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.  (Daniel 12:4)

Prophecy fascinates me, captivates me, amazes me.  The fact that thousands of years ago God gave Daniel, David, Hosea, Isaiah, etc. a vision, truth, warning and it comes true in our time leaves me in awe.  Full of wonder, praising God for His love towards us that He foretold eons ago what would be.  That He prepared us, left us a record of the signs and events to watch for so we would know what season it is.  See I think we are in the final season, the later days, fast approaching midnight on the coming of the Son of man.  Jesus will be coming soon and we had best all be ready.

Take the above prophecy of Daniels for instance.  A 150 years ago travel was much the same as it was in Daniel’s time.  There were trains but they weren’t all that much faster than the horses, wagons, and buggies used by most folks everyday.   For the most part folks walked or used horse power to get from place to place.  That meant that they didn’t generally get far – certainly not running to and fro.  Nope even those who traveled long distances like those pioneers who settled the west didn’t run to do so.  No sir it took weeks of travel in a wagon filled with your belongings or at best days of train travel to go a few hundred miles.  Compare that to today when it is nothing for folks to fly across the US and back in a single day!  We zip about in cars ceaselessly day and night, planes cross the skies continually, we have trains that move at seemingly lightening fast speeds.  We definitely run to and fro now days, and there is no way Daniel could have predicted that.  That phrase is so exact, precise – many shall  run to and fro.  Many do just that, in fact most do.  Humans aren’t even content nowadays to just run to and fro here on earth, no we send folks out into space to do so as well.

Which brings me to the second half of Daniel’s prophecy that knowledge shall increase.  Well now I would say it sure has for us to go from horse and buggy to sending a man to the moon in less than 200 hundred years, wouldn’t you.  Think about just how things have changed just in my lifetime.  I just turned 40 last year and in my days I have seen the rise of the home computer from a giant, slow, limited Commodore 64 I first used in grade school to the lightening fast, lightweight tablet that fits in my pocket.  I have seen phones go from an old fashioned wall or table phone that had an annoying slinky like cord to  slimline cordless phones that allowed the talker to actually move around the house while keeping in touch to modern smart phones that weigh less than a can of soup and fit in a pocket allowing the user to talk, text and access the internet anytime and anyplace.  And speaking of the internet it has allowed everyone everywhere to access knowledge at will.  If you want to know something now you just Google it and instantly you have an answer.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg of ways knowledge has increased in just 40 years.

I could list more but I have to get some sleep tonight if I wanna be able to work tomorrow.  I will be posting more on the signs of the times and fullfillment of prophecy in the coming days and weeks.  It’s a subject I have spent much time studying and delving deeply into, I feel a strong call from God to write about what I see going on around me in the world, to warn others that none should perish but all should come to the saving knowledge of Christ before it is eternally too late.

What ways can you think of that this prophecy has come true in our time?  How does that implication make you feel?  Do you look up with anticipation, excitement, expectant, for your redeemer draweth nigh?  Or do you drop your head trembling in dread and fear for time is running out for those who are lost?  Are you ready?

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