What if I Stumble…

We like music around our house.  Good music, edifying, pointing us to look up to the Lord, music that praises Him, or that helps us grow in our walk with Him in some way.  We listen to a variety of so called christian artists, a quick scan of the Sing Praises to the Lord category will give you a quick idea of some of our favorites.  We are somewhat selective about our choices, after all whatever we hear, or see, makes it’s way to our hearts.  So we choose carefully, forgoing the popular rock and country artists of today for Crowder, Newsboys, King and Country, Mercy Me, etc.  Which let me to discover DC Talk, a classic christian rock band.  I missed them back in the day, wasn’t raised in a christian home, never went to church, only had a couple christian friends who never talked about God much and listened to the same hard rock, glam bands, and metal music I did, so somehow I completely missed out on a good thing.  Now DC Talk is on our playlists – even our son likes them – and he is a unique kid, loves Jesus and God with all his heart, and his country is a close second so he likes politically/ historically themed music as well as classic country – like Johnny Horton kinda classic.  Anyway a while back I was putting music on during chore time and he asked for this song, said he liked it cause it helped him remember that we all stumble, we all fall, and that we just gotta look up, get up, keep our eyes on the Lord and keep on following Him.  Considering I was having a bit of a stumble day it struck a chord with me.  Today wasn’t a stumble day but for some reason the songs been in my head all day and I thought maybe someone else could use the reminder in an old school cool kinda way.


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