Me and God


Me and God.  A friend at church sings that song occasionally and I just love it.  It’s how I feel about the Lord.  He’s my friend, my life, my everything.  Without him I would be nothing, lost, maybe even dead.  I see proof of his existence everywhere, I feel his presence with me continually, and I am so grateful for that.  His fingerprints are everywhere from the beauty of the Easter lilies just beginning to bloom to the delicate shades and stripes on the snow crocuses peeking through the soil.  I hear him in the sweet symphony of spring peepers, whip-or-wills, and the laughing of the wandering creek, sweeter music was never heard.  I know he is there when I look up at the sky to behold the deep brilliant blue, spotted with clouds like pillows or cottage cheese, brightest white as my robe in heaven will one day be.  And there is nothing more breathtaking than the glimpses of stars on a cloudy night when I am in tears praising Him for his abundant blessings in my life, or when I am praying for the salvation of family or friends who are not yet brothers and sisters in Christ, or when I offer him my heart asking that his will and not my own be done in my life.  The night sky has always fascinated me but it wasn’t until I was saved that I truly began to realize just how beautiful and astounding it really is.  In the last few years my appreciation of God’s handiwork in the heavens has grown even greater.  When we moved to the country a few years ago I realized just how big the heavens are, just how breathtakingly glorious, how God’s awe inspiring it is to look up at the vast expanse of his artwork and know that he spans it with his hand!  Yet he loves me, insignificant little ole me.  Loves me so much that he shows me each night in some little way that he has heard my prayers, he doesn’t always answer them with a yes mind you, but he does always treat me to some little delight.  Whether it is a clearing in the stormy cloudy sky allowing a few stars to twinkle down on me just until I say Amen or,as the case the other night was, I witnessed a meteor falling to earth.


God knows I love to see them, my boy and I have sat out a during meteor showers, staring up and talking about how amazing it all is and how we serve such a glorious God.  We sometimes quote favorite passages of scripture that remind us of God’s glory, or one of us will recite favorite poems.  I sometimes will share stories of my childhood or we just ponder and pray in stunned silence, wrapped in blankets with his dog at our feet, as we behold the magnificent display of the hand of God.  So when I was praying so earnestly, brokenly, painfully at the end of what had been a very hard day with that boy of mine, that boy who is fully in the grip of being twelve and having his world rocked with hormones, growth spurts, and lots of physical changes; fearing that I would push him too hard, damage our relationship somehow.  I prayed to God to lead me, guide me to handle this burgeoning young man carefully, pointing him always to God that he would never stray from the path God sets before him.  As I finished and stood there drying my tears and looking up right before my eyes God sent a meteor for me to see.  A “falling star” to comfort the heart of weary mom trying her best to raise her child up to love God with all his heart.


In that instant my heart swelled with praise and thanks to God for again letting me know he is there, listening, loving me.  That the God of heaven and earth is the same one I turn to when it is just me and God!.


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