Just Being Honest

Still looking into some of the research and information on the Niburu, Planet X, Red Dragon aspect – I need to learn it well myself in order to reteach it to you guys.  So tonight I just have a thought and video for you.

Praise his name, lift it high, make every place your foot lands a shouting ground for the Lord!  I said last night I tend to believe in a pre-trib rapture but you know what if it happens mid stream or even at the end it isn’t going to shake my faith, change my love for the Lord.  Because I will know that it was not God who was wrong or off on his understanding, but me.  I don’t claim to know it all or have all the answers.  I just try with all I am and all I have to serve the Lord and to bring him honor and glory with my life.  I go where he leads, do as he calls, write what he lays on my heart, praise him with my every breathe.  When I feel like he is revealing something or leading me to something I also go back to the word to see if it lines up and I pray hard for clarification if I am confused, unsure or to test the idea so I am prepared to offer my proof.  I run ideas past my husband who also strives with all he is to walk close to God so he can join in me in prayer and searching that what I think is of God not man.  So if I take a day or two sometimes on posts know that it is that I am seeking God’s will, being sure that I am giving you the message he would have me to give, that I my words will honor him.


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