Got Answers?

The Sabbath Day is always such a blessing, for instance yesterday we spent most f the morning and afternoon watching our Revelation study by Chuck Missler.  We are on day six now and all of us eagerly await each new session.  Even our son, who normally cringes and begs to avoid anything Revelation related to the point  of missing church several Wednesdays because the preacher was teaching on it last year, is getting into it.  Then this evening we went to a seminar by Ken Ham at a church not too far away.  The topic was Genesis and Our Culture, it was good, very good.  It was also very sobering to hear just how disconnected from the truth even church raised millennial’s are.   They are all confused since most of them heard bible stories in church on Sundays and maybe Wednesday at best (the truths of the Bible are referred to in most Sunday school, vbs, and other children’s programs as stories not truths.) Then Monday through Friday they spent around 8 or more hours a day in a public, secular school setting where they are taught a different religion, the religion of evolution by teachers they are told they must trust and believe.  Add in the fact that t.v. and Hollywood are further promoting these ideas and you see why they are confused.  These kids and young adults can’t even turn to their parents or churches for answer either since they too have been brought up in this world system that touts lies and falsehoods, deliberately creating confusion and ultimately destroying their faith in God and the Gospel by getting them to not believe God’s word is true.   It’s got to stop, now!  We have to start teaching truths not just stories, we have to teach believers why we believe what we believe and how to defend those beliefs when challenged by scoffers, many of whom are hostile and rude.  If we don’t then I fear that if God tarries much longer then there won’t be any Church for Christ to come back for.

So tonight I am doing something a little different.  I want to know how you all defend your faith against unbelievers.  What answers do you give to questions like these:

Where did Cain get his wife?  How do you explain evolution and the fossil record, creationism can’t stand up to that?  What kinda nut job believes the entire world was really flooded, seriously?

I ask because these are the kinds of questions evolutionists like to use against us, I could have listed many more but you get my point.  So how do you defend your faith?  How would you answer a kid asking you one of the above questions or any apologetic’s question?  I am going to start covering this topic on Friday evenings.  Each week I will take a look at one question and how as believers we can answer it confidently using the word of God first and foremost then science and history to back it up.  The Word is the foundation of my faith and worldview so I always start there and then pull in other relevant information to support the biblical truth.  Also if there is a question you have been asked but you had a hard time answering it with confidence and clarity then please comment below and I will be sure to cover it one week.  Time is getting shorter everyday and we have to be able to defend and support our faith and stand up for God, our testimony and the strength of our faith and knowledge will better equip us to go out and seek new souls for the kingdom.



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