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I had planned to wrap up Rev.12:1-6 tonight moving the ‘woman’ fleeing but God led me to this great blog post tonight looks at the sign objectively working through the attempts to debunk it. So far no one has been able to do so!   I want to share it with you brothers and sisters to encourage you to dig into the Word, be a Berean and search out whether what I say about Rev. 12 is true according to Scripture. Pray and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you study the signs of the times. Then so out and share what you learn! It the sign heralds the Rapture as I believe then time to be about our mission as fishers of man is almost up, we must be about our Father’s business mow while there is still grace, the Holy Spirit and the Restrainer on earth. Becanse when the Church, the Restrainer goes up then the dragon Satan and his henchmen come down. It’s literally going to be seven yein ars of hell on earth! Now is the time to be warning unbelievers making one more effort to tell of the love of God, their need for His Son and how to become part of the Body of Christ.

Here’s the link to Greg’s article, please read it and I recommend the comments as well.  So much great information well presented, it’s worth the time.  I excerted the first Paragraph below.

The astronomical alignment that so many are now pointing to comes from a literal reading of Revelation 12:1-5, which describes a sign in the sky involving a woman who is crowned with twelve stars, clothed with the sun, having the moon under her feet, and giving birth to a male child. The text itself does not describe the sign as a parable or illustration, which validates the view that this passage is in fact describing a real astronomical event visible to the inhabitants of the earth – complete with real sun, moon, and stars. Each of the elements described in the sign have significant prophetic and allegorical meaning as will be shown, but the passage itself describes first and foremost a real sign and so any accurate interpretation must begin with that premise. Lacking any evidence that the Apostle John was not describing a sign visible in the sky as the text plainly says, the burden of proof is entirely upon those who would argue that this passage is only pure allegory.


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