Today’s devotional from Our Daily Walk by F. B. Meyer points out such a lovely character of our Savior – His desire to serve men, meeting there needs in wonderful and miraculous ways.  Whether it was feeding the multitudes, raising the dead, turning water to wine, washing tired feet or saving men’s souls – Jesus served as He calls us to serve.

“He saith unto Philip, Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” — John 6:5.

NOTICE THAT little pronoun We! As our Lord stood face to face with the vast crowd of hungry people, He might have said to His disciples, “What are you going to do?” He might have bidden them devise some way of meeting their hunger and weariness. Instead of that, He identified Himself with them, saying, How shall we do it? Is not that His way still? He knows the needs of the world of men, but He calls us into fellowship with Himself with respect to them, saying, This is a matter not for Me alone, not for you, but for us together. “I am the Vine, ye are the branches.
Whilst our Lord talked about buying bread, “He knew what He would do.” Before His eye was the entire plan of the meal, of which He would be the Host, but He spoke of buying, that He might see what they would suggest, whether they would turn to Him in simple faith, or begin to meet the need according to their own ideas. They took the latter course. It is almost always the case, that when we are face to face with some emergency, we begin to calculate our ways and means. When we are tested, we take out pencils and paper, and begin to count up our resources, as the disciples did when they said: Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not enough, that every one may take a little!
Then it was that Andrew bethought himself of the little lad, whom he had seen in the course of the day. How proud and pleased the boy would be when they told him that Jesus wanted his little store. He gladly gave it up at the call of that Voice which had thrilled him with its accent.
How can we serve Christ, and what have we to give Him? Five tiny loaves and two small fishes do not look much in themselves, but He will take the poorest and simplest things, and make wonderful use of them for His glory and the blessing of men. It is wonderful how much Jesus will do with our lives, if we will only put them into His dear hands. If you have no great gift to offer Him, you can bring the special power of doing one thing best, which every one possesses, and He will use you to arrange the people in orderly ranks, and to carry round the bread and wine of the Gospel message, offering it without money and without price.

Take my life, and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.

Beloved brethern let us always look first to the Savior for the meeting of our needs and always follow His example of serving others, helping to meet there needs and sharing with them the love He first showed us, thereby leading others to believe in the name above all names, Jesus!  As always brothers and sisters may God the Father bless and keep you.


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