The Gospel in the Stars pt. 7


Let’s look tonight at Aquarius, the water bearer.  This constellation truly fascinates me, it tells of the joy of the Holy Spirit being poured out upon true believers as the fruit of Jesus’ victory.  We see a figure of a strong man, again, who is pouring water out of an urn which turns into a rushing, flowing stream.  Here’s the really awesome part – the stream is flowing right into the mouth of Pisces Austral(n)is, the southern fish and first decan which we look more at in a moment.  The fish represents the Church of true believers drinking in this sweet blessing, promised to us by Jesus himself:  “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.) (Isaiah 44:3)  The Greeks called this constellation Ganymedes, the bright, glorified and happy one.  The main star on the man’s right shoulder is Sa’ad al Melik which means the Record of the out-pouring.  The Greek and Latin names mean the pourer forth of water and the exalted Waterman.


Ok, let’s look at that fish again that is drinking in the Holy Spirit poured out upon it, Pisces Austral(n)is, the Southern Fish.  We have already discussed how the fish is the symbol of the church and it is drinking up the Holy Spirit promised by our sweet Lord:  “If a man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.”  That is exactly what we find this fish doing being immersed in and drinking in the waters of the Spirit.


Next is Pegasus that winged horse in the sky.  Ok, this looks nothing like a horse really but that is what it represents, good thing God told us what these are and stand for, otherwise we would never figure them out.  They are like the world’s longest and hardest dot-to-dots.  But I digress, forgive me, the Greeks called Pegasus the horse of the gushing fountain (makes sense).  Peg means the chief, and sus means horse and swiftly coming.  One of Pegasus’ bright stars is Markab the returning; another is Scheat meaning he who goes and returns; Enif the Branch; Al Genib tho carries; Homan the waters, and Matar who causes the plentiful overflow.  All the names fit wonderfully with the image of the Southern Fish.


Lastly, we come to Cygnus the lovely swan, that beautiful bird held scared by some civilizations.  This swan is in flight with it’s wings outspread to form a beautiful cross.  When this constellation rises in the evening it is known as Cygnus but when it sets at dawn it is the Northern Cross.  The brightest star is Deneb, the Lord or Judge to come.  Azel is another bright star and it means who goes and returns.  Fafage is glorious, shining forth; Sadr, who returns as in a circle; Adige, flying swiftly; Arided, He shall come down.  All these names symbolize the return of Christ our Lord.

For now my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, may the Father bless and keep you.


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