Get Ready For the G.A.E.

We have spent the last few weeks studying the Gospel signs God placed in the sky on the 4th day of creation, I have also talked often about the Revelation 12 sign that occurs in just over a month on Sept. 23rd, 2017, but there’s one more sign I haven’t really talked about much, it is occurring in just 16 days!  I’m talking about the Great American Eclipse that will literally cut a path across the nation (and only this nation) on Aug. 21st.  This is a total solar eclipse and I believe God’s warning to us here in the states to wake up!  We need revival, America needs Jesus, we have lost our way, lost our goodness and we may only have a short time left to get it back.  Please tell everyone you speak to of the our Savior, do not let even small opportunities pass you by to share the love of Christ with a lost and dying world.  The eclipse is actually a great way to lead in as historically they are harbingers, warnings, and seriously guys, this eclipse only touches the continental U.S in it’s totality, the last time that happened was a very big year for America.  It was 1776.   The birth of our nation.  A total solar eclipse cut across North America in 1918 as well (this time several nations were in the path of totality) which was the year of the worldwide flu pandemic that killed at least 5 million.  The bible tells us to be as watchmen, warning those we see living apart from God least their blood be upon our heads, our souls lost along with theirs.  That’s what I am doing here with A R3VOLUT1ON -being a watchman, warning when I see a sword coming while I am still able to do so.  It is also hat I am asking you each to do – Be Watchmen!

Here’s a great video on the eclipse by Pastor Steve Cioccolanti.


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