A Little Comfort

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to share with you some words of comfort from the Word tonight put together by our brother Adam from Parable of the Vineyard YouTube channel.  He, like me, believes time is short we are soon to be called to “come up hither” and meet our Savior in the air.  The Revelation 12 sign occurs in just 34 days, that sign is a birth sign, I believe that birth will be us, the church the body of true believers, the abody of Christ.  My def cousin and fellow sister in the faith visited yesterday and we were discussing, as my husband and I often do, that it is awe inspiring, humbling, and yes, exciting to be just a few weeks from what might be our birth into heaven, our rapture, our harpazo before this world descends into complete and utter chaos, madness as the seals are opened, the antichrist rises and all hell breaks loose on this planet.  Man’s darkest days are about to be upon him and so many are still rejecting their only hope of salvation, not just from the tribulation and judgement coming upon him but for all eternity!  So many do not know Christ, do not cling to Him, place their faith and trust in Him.  My heart aches for them, I weep for what they are throwing away.  I pray they will see and seek the Truth, the Way and the Life before the church is called home, that they too will be counted worthy to escape by repenting and asking forgiveness, by asking Christ to come into their lives and save them.  But I fear most will not, they will continue to choose this world and it’s deceptions over Truth, Life, God.  So when we the saints, the church are called home one day soon, they will be left here in the aftermath of millions of true believers disappearing from this earth when they are called up to meet the Lord in the air.  Think about those left behind will face, think of what Scripture says is coming -wars, natural disasters, famines, plagues, death on mass scales, and that’s just the first round of stuff the seven seals on the scroll.  The trumpets and vials get progressively worse culminating with all who are alive having to take the mark of the antichrist and worship his image or die as he wakes war against the one true God.  But if those left behind will seek Him then they can still be saved, it will just be harder and with all that will be happening there is no guarantee they will even survive the aftermath of the rapture, much less the coming tribulation period known as Daniel’s 70th week, but Revelation tells us that a great multitude will come to Christ during this time.  They will still be able to be saved but it will be under great stress, fear, trials, danger and risk of their lives once they do come to the Truth.  Please be about growing the kingdom, beloved, share Christ at every opportunity, every single one, be urgent  be diligent, be strong and share love, hope, life with a lost and perishing world that doesn’t want to see what’s happening.  And if you have yet to become a Christ follower please check out my salvation posts, get a bible and read John, Romans, Acts, 1st John, and Matthew, get Christ, get saved, meet us in the air.


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