During church tonight Pastor Locke noted something from Exodus 8 that sorta stuck with me bouncing around in my head.  It was just a short sentence from the verse but it really hit me like bricks. And he said, To morrow.  Exodus 8:10 Come on, Miranda, you're thinking, that got you all worked up?  Really?  … Continue reading Tomorrow


I had many ideas for tonight's post, God has really been showing me some things today and I thought I was set until I went to read one of my devotionals for the day.  My plans got pushed to the back burner as God showed me what He wanted me to share with you tonight.  … Continue reading

The Dove

"The dedication of the baptism issued in the certainty of sacrifice, for we read that when the heavens were opened, He saw the Spirit descending like a dove. Now the dove is a very gentle bird, and you and I have a very gentle Savior. As we read the story of His life, we are … Continue reading The Dove

Being Jobed

You ever catch yourself feeling all woe is me, having a Pauline pity party?  Yea, I do too sometimes, I call it being Jobed.  Sometimes life is hard, crazy, people hurt us, hate us, etc.  It's just part of it which is what my study today focused on.  I started a chronological reading plan last … Continue reading Being Jobed

Consider Enoch

"And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:"  (Genesis 5:22, KJV) I want to consider Enoch and his walk briefly tonight; it's a story that always fascinates me, Enoch. So little is told us in some ways yet it is all we need to know. Enoch walked … Continue reading Consider Enoch