Examine Yourself

I stumbled across the following testimony from Charo Washer tonight and I had t share it and the sermon her husband Paul preached that finally got through to her.  Please join me tonight and examine yourself.  If we pass the tests in 1 John then this will better prepare us to help others.

In the following passage from 1 Corinthians we have a powerful promise as believers, and a stern warning for those who are perishing, with their eyes blinded by the scales of disbelief.  All they see his their desire for anything other than the truth of God, for wisdom, signs, logic, science, but never the Truth. … Continue reading

He Is Risen!

Hallelujah!  Our Lord is risen!  He's alive!  Happy Resurrection Sunday brothers and sisters, let us rejoice that we serve a living risen Savior in whom we place our hope, faith and trust.  It is the fact that he rose just as he said that gives us the blessed assurance that we too will rise one … Continue reading He Is Risen!