That’s My King!

Today I had to face some truths that were hard for me.  God convicted me that I was being stubborn and disobedient to my husband about an issue we had been discussing for some time now.  My fleshly nature was drawing me to do what I wanted and not what my husband wanted on something … Continue reading That’s My King!


Our Rest

God sanctified the seventh day and rested in it from His creative work. We have rest in Jesus our Savior from our burden of sin but our physical bodies still benefit from a day of rest just as God showed us 6,000 years ago. So on the seventh day my family rests, we only do … Continue reading Our Rest


I've been studying the books of John lately, right now I'm in the Gospel and the Holy Spirit is really speaking to me this time through. There is so much meat here and I've just finished chapter 6. I'm using a more in depth approach this time than I did when I last read it … Continue reading I AM…

Be A Berean

I enjoy reading, watching and listening to bible studies and teachings a lot. It is the best way to know God's heart and to draw ever nearer to Him through prayerfully seeking His word. We are told clearly in Scripture that it is god breathed and is for reproduction and doctrine. "All scripture is given … Continue reading Be A Berean

Love Of God

The love of God is the greatest gift in my life. Without it I am nothing, a wretched worm, doomed, damned and utterly depraved. But with it I am alive, secure, a daughter of the one true King. I want you each to think on the love of God that fills us and rest secure … Continue reading Love Of God


I spend a lot of time studying the Word, I read, ponder, marinate in it. I soak it up like a sponge, I eat it like bread and it fills me with nourishment for my soul. My Bible is the way to know my Savior ever better. It contains the truths of the Father the … Continue reading Study