The Real Miracle

What is it you are celebrating today? If you answer Jesus' birth I'm afraid you're a little late. He was born back in late September. Scripture tells us that very clearly when we look at the first two chapters of Luke. It starts with the announcement of the conception of John the Baptist to his … Continue reading The Real Miracle


Armor of Light

I just want to share a simple passage from my reading of Paul's epistles today. We began a plan on Sunday of reading 3 chapters a day of the epistles, we will make it through once a month as it takes 29 days - most February's we will read 6 on the last day. Instead … Continue reading Armor of Light

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Day, the day we celebrate our dear Savior's birth, our King's birth.  The day we pause to ponder the significance of one tiny baby boy, dressed in rags, lying in a manger, born of a virgin in a stable.  Yet, foretold by prophets, announced by angels and a whole heavenly host, visited by … Continue reading Merry Christmas