One Of Our Promises

We are nearly at the end of our series on rightly dividing the word of truth, only a few more posts on that but tonight I am switching gears a bit and focusing on the glorious hope and promise we as the body of Christ's have. Eternity in heaven with our Redeemer! I went to … Continue reading One Of Our Promises


Whom My Soul Loveth

That'd be Jesus my precious glorious Savior, my maker and Redeemer, my sustainer and all sufficiency! The truth that Jesus died was buried and rose again for my justification before God demands that my soul love Him, for believing this truth believing Jesus is who he says and did what he did is faith through … Continue reading Whom My Soul Loveth

Merciful Mercy

God has, much more abundantly than I can scarcely fathom. His richness of grace and tender mercies are the resting place for this weary soul. I can only praise and glorify Him as I rest securely in Christ to carry me along my rocky, narrow path to the mountains of my heavenly home. I like … Continue reading Merciful Mercy

The Breaker

Ah sweet balm of Gilead to this weary soul, Spurgeon once again reminds me that in Jesus I am free from all fear and bondage, made whole complete perfect in God's eyes through the shed blood of His Son! "The breaker is come up before them." — Mic 2:13 Inasmuch as Jesus has gone before … Continue reading The Breaker