Rightly Dividing: 16 What Part’s Ours?

Since we now understand that not all of the Bible was written to or about us let's look at the parts which are. First, let me stress that the entire Bible was written for our benefit and is the word of God. However, not all the information contained in the Bible is given for our … Continue reading Rightly Dividing: 16 What Part’s Ours?


Caught Up!

Excuse this interruption of our previously scheduled post but God is on the move tonight and has laid something on my heart that I need to share with you. Time is growing shorter every day and it will run out eventually leaving a lost and confused world ripe for the wrath it will soon face. … Continue reading Caught Up!

It’s One Minute Before The Rapture

What will you be doing? Will you be sleeping, driving, eating, laughing, crying, working? Will you be someplace you don't belong, doing something you know you shouldn't, saying something to hurt someone, wasting time on idle vanities? Will you be praising God, trusting Jesus, sharing grace, helping a fellow believers joy, worshiping, fellowshipping, walking in … Continue reading It’s One Minute Before The Rapture

Keep Watching

This week my husband and I have been contemplating the post tribulation rapture point of view and what it would mean for us as believers; whether we should just hide and try to wait it out or keep watching and working for Jesus awaiting his return regardless of when that will be. Obviously if I … Continue reading Keep Watching


“WATCH” By Warren M. Smith. Oh, the glory fast approaching, of Ascension’s happy morn, When the watchful servants quickly to His bosom shall be borne; When the dear ones left behind us, shall for us oft seek in vain, But our spirits shall have risen to the Lamb for sinners slain. Caught up in the … Continue reading Watch

Consider Enoch

"And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:"  (Genesis 5:22, KJV) I want to consider Enoch and his walk briefly tonight; it's a story that always fascinates me, Enoch. So little is told us in some ways yet it is all we need to know. Enoch walked … Continue reading Consider Enoch