It is officially the Sabbath day again and I am looking forward to spending much of the day deep in the Word and resting.  We enjoy spending time on Sabbath in nature enjoying all God has created but this week we are expecting a lot of rain so it will be a day indoors, that's … Continue reading Rest!


Walking With God

Well, I had this planned for last night but the weather had other plans, it knocked out our power most of the night.  So I stewed a little longer over it, not a problem really.  So anyway here goes. Last night our preacher taught on 1 Thessalonians 4, a great passage I must say.  I … Continue reading Walking With God


Rest.  It's such a blessing, it renews our spirit and body.  It is vital to our ability to fulfill our call in life, to serve God with all our heart and soul.  It's why God created the Sabbath, which I look forward eagerly each Friday to it's beginning at sundown, to give us time to … Continue reading Rest!