What a Day That Will Be…

When we hear "Welcome home !" How I long to see my precious Savior ! God bless and remember Jesus loves you so much He died for you.


Sing Praises to the Lord

Driving to town today I was listening to our favorite radio station, King of king's radio, this station shouldn't even be able to be picked up by us where we are at but God has blessed us because we can,  and do every time we go somewhere.  This station is like having church time all … Continue reading Sing Praises to the Lord

This Is War!

I started to share this last night, God really laid it on my heart to share the sermon on prayer though, and I must do as my Father leads.  I very much enjoyed this sermon, it convicted me and caused me to really examine my walk with the Lord.  I of course fall far short … Continue reading This Is War!

Examine Yourself

I stumbled across the following testimony from Charo Washer tonight and I had t share it and the sermon her husband Paul preached that finally got through to her.  Please join me tonight and examine yourself.  If we pass the tests in 1 John then this will better prepare us to help others.