The Revelation pt.1

I find that no matter what book of the Bible I begin reading or studying in I almost always end up in Revelation before I am done.  Maybe it's because it is the only book of the Bible that is being played out before our very eyes that I spend so much time studying it.  … Continue reading The Revelation pt.1


This Is War!

I started to share this last night, God really laid it on my heart to share the sermon on prayer though, and I must do as my Father leads.  I very much enjoyed this sermon, it convicted me and caused me to really examine my walk with the Lord.  I of course fall far short … Continue reading This Is War!

Examine Yourself

I stumbled across the following testimony from Charo Washer tonight and I had t share it and the sermon her husband Paul preached that finally got through to her.  Please join me tonight and examine yourself.  If we pass the tests in 1 John then this will better prepare us to help others.