Gripped In His Grace

I've always been a dispensationalist but it was just recently that I realized I wasn't enough of one and I learned how to truly rightly divide the Word, thus clearing up the remaining questions and confusion I had. When I read the Bible literally and take the plain meaning of the words, just let them … Continue reading Gripped In His Grace


Through the Bible In 7 Hours – pt. 6

Tonight I am sharing the last hour of this dispensational bible study with you and I pray you will really think about what you are hearing in these studies. That Jesus paid for your sins on the cross, then he rose from death the third day and is in heaven now at the Father's right … Continue reading Through the Bible In 7 Hours – pt. 6

Old Testament Faith

"For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:"  (Job 19:25) I find Old Testament references to Yeshua our Savior fascinating to ponder in my heart. Such as the above passage from Job. It shows just how glorious God's grace is, and how it is through … Continue reading Old Testament Faith

Alpha and Omega

Sometimes I stumble on something that just gets me fired up about my Jesus, makes me praise and glorify Him even more!  This song is one of those surprise finds.  It needs no words just listen and know that the Lord, the Savoir, the King, the Alpha and Omega reigns!