Got God’s Word?

I know without a doubt that I do in my King James Bible. It believe that God has preserved His Word in the English language in the KJV Bible after perfecting the translation through the previous English translations. That means since 1611 we have had the final English word of God - the 7th polishing … Continue reading Got God’s Word?


I spent tonight watching a series of videos from the Ladies portion of the GSOTB summer conference this year. It was all about teaching the kiddos and let me tell ya it was awesome-sauce! I got tons of ideas to use up at the big c (big church) with my toddlers as well as some … Continue reading Beware!

Not A Drop Required

Let's look at the Catholic Church's official teaching on something the vast majority of professing Christians get wrong in this dispensation the age of grace, baptism. The idea that you gotta get dunked in order to be a member of the church and / or seal and secure your salvation is just unbiblical in this … Continue reading Not A Drop Required