Alpha and Omega

Sometimes I stumble on something that just gets me fired up about my Jesus, makes me praise and glorify Him even more!  This song is one of those surprise finds.  It needs no words just listen and know that the Lord, the Savoir, the King, the Alpha and Omega reigns!


Eternal Ink

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ I have been looking ever more frequently towards eternity and that Celestial City I will one day call home. I feel such a burden and urgency to be busy about my Savior's call - to share His love and sacrifice with the lost and dying in this world. … Continue reading Eternal Ink

Ah, Spurgeon offers a dire warning I often echo- take heed, watch your soul is secure in Yeshua, become not like the lost and denying world, be not taken the back way into hell and that eternal lake of fire! "Art thou become like unto us?" — Isa 14:10 What must be the apostate professor's … Continue reading