I spend a lot of time studying the Word, I read, ponder, marinate in it. I soak it up like a sponge, I eat it like bread and it fills me with nourishment for my soul. My Bible is the way to know my Savior ever better. It contains the truths of the Father the … Continue reading Study


Put On A New Self

That was the section title for this passage of Scripture I was reading today. It stung my heart chastised me a bit for I have not been doing all it says as well as I God wants me too. I have been struggling with a spirit of grumbling grumpies of late. I have huffed and … Continue reading Put On A New Self


Today I have been doing a little study on saints in Scripture, my husband and I recently read a compelling book on the timing of the rapture - it places it after the tribulation which the author says is 7 years but before the pouring out of God's wrath which lasts for approximately 3 1/2 … Continue reading Marinating

Seven Miles

Of all that Scripture tells us of Jesus' resurrection I think I like the seven mile sermon the best. It's such an apt picture of me when things get a little sideways, all jacked up. I mean here these two dudes thought their worlds had just ended, their Messiah had just been killed - dead … Continue reading Seven Miles


My heart has been burdened lately with things - things He is showing me, things my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering, changes my little family is facing that shake up our life. I have prayed to understand more about them, to see a little deeper into Father’s heart on some things. This … Continue reading Encouragement