Pentecost, It’s Not What You Think

I'm studying up on a lot of things right now, so I haven't forgotten our Walk on the Romans Road but since my husband began classes with Grace School of the Bible I've changed my study habits somewhat . I am helping him and studying with him so I am progressing at the classes pace … Continue reading Pentecost, It’s Not What You Think


Whom My Soul Loveth

That'd be Jesus my precious glorious Savior, my maker and Redeemer, my sustainer and all sufficiency! The truth that Jesus died was buried and rose again for my justification before God demands that my soul love Him, for believing this truth believing Jesus is who he says and did what he did is faith through … Continue reading Whom My Soul Loveth

It’s One Minute Before The Rapture

What will you be doing? Will you be sleeping, driving, eating, laughing, crying, working? Will you be someplace you don't belong, doing something you know you shouldn't, saying something to hurt someone, wasting time on idle vanities? Will you be praising God, trusting Jesus, sharing grace, helping a fellow believers joy, worshiping, fellowshipping, walking in … Continue reading It’s One Minute Before The Rapture