I Will Extol The Lord

For the first time in days I was able to focus on the Word again, it felt wonderful to spend time with my Father.  Well, I have spent time with him throughout this illness but not in the same way - I was so weak and weary I could not read much, and even staying … Continue reading I Will Extol The Lord


This Is War

I haven't forgotten that I have the Love One Another series to finish, I hope to be well enough tomorrow to pull it together but if not then next week.  We have all passed a nasty bug around and I am still trying to kick it.  I am trusting God to lead me to messages … Continue reading This Is War

Love One Another

Love one another... that phrase is so simple, sounds so beautiful, yet seems to be so hard for some to follow.  We are called to love, when we do so we reflect the light of Christ into the world.  Now loving does not mean just overlooking sin because we are loving.  Quite the contrary when … Continue reading Love One Another

Commit Thy Way

As I was studying the Word tonight my passages came from Genesis, Psalms and Matthew - I know I'm kind of all over the bible right now but it's been good.  I am rereading Genesis since I am teaching on various parts of it in my toddler room on Sundays, Matthew because my son is … Continue reading Commit Thy Way

Teach Them!

You all know that we have chosen to homeschool our son, that we are obedient to the call the Lord put on our lives, and that we wouldn't have it any other way.  It's hard sometimes, most of our family is very critical of our decision, some out right defy and oppose us.  But our … Continue reading Teach Them!