I Have Seen Him

Have you? Do you know Him, love Him, live for Him, serve Him? If not then why, what are you waiting for? Even Abraham of old knew Him, loved and served Him, as did that wretched thief that hung beside Him at Calvary! And that glorious day when Jesus died for us, paid the debt … Continue reading I Have Seen Him


Give Me Jesus

My prayer each day.  

Alpha and Omega

Sometimes I stumble on something that just gets me fired up about my Jesus, makes me praise and glorify Him even more!  This song is one of those surprise finds.  It needs no words just listen and know that the Lord, the Savoir, the King, the Alpha and Omega reigns!

In Christ Alone

This song sums it all up.  It is in Christ alone I stand, in Him alone I place my faith, in His precious blood I am saved!  Christ loves you so much He died for you will you live for Him?

Sometimes I can feel the Devil trying to keep me from God, trying to drag me back into sin, ruin my walk and testimony.   At those moments I grab a Bible, turn on some spirit filled music, bow my head in prayer then look up and say "Not today Devil!"  I look to my God … Continue reading


These songs get me every time.   Just think about what they are saying and how we are all the thief, all Barrabas!

My Creed

This, this is what I believe and it does make me who I am.  I will not apologize for it and I will share it every chance I get.  This song is by Third Day and incorporates the Believer's Creed. I believe in God the Father, Almighty Maker of heaven and Maker of earth, And … Continue reading My Creed