What if I Stumble…

We like music around our house.  Good music, edifying, pointing us to look up to the Lord, music that praises Him, or that helps us grow in our walk with Him in some way.  We listen to a variety of so called christian artists, a quick scan of the Sing Praises to the Lord category … Continue reading What if I Stumble…


My Victory

I told you last night about the incredible bringing of the word we were treated to last night at church, God was in that little ole country church for sure.  There wasn't but about 12 of us there but let me tell you God was with us, he spoke to us through that guest preacher … Continue reading My Victory

My Victory, intro

We had a guest preacher at Church tonight who really brought the word.  As we were driving home my son, who had not been thrilled when the scripture announced was Revelations 21 - he loves bible study but the end times parts freak him out a bit, talked for about 20 straight minutes about what … Continue reading My Victory, intro

Feed My Sheep

I seem to be on a disciples theme this week.  Tonight it's Peter I was reading about and thinking on.  Peter is like a lot of us, he talks a good game till he feels put on the spot, pressured, persecuted.  Then he has a moment of weakness.  It's not good, and he repents, is … Continue reading Feed My Sheep

Battle Ready!

A couple of years ago we memorized Ephesians 6 as part of my son's bible studies.  It was hard especially by the time we got all the way into the armor of God in verses 10-20.  Since those verses were so important, so helpful in our walk with Christ, I really wanted him to remember … Continue reading Battle Ready!