In my toddler class at church we have this book Jesus and the Twelve Dudes Who Did, it is a favorite with the little ones, even the youngest learn quickly to lisp off the apostles names as they touch their faces.  It's one of those kids books with the cutouts and 3D faces for the … Continue reading FROM DISCIPLE TO APOSTLE


"The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon." — Judges 7:20 Gideon ordered his men to do two things: covering up a torch in an earthen pitcher, he bade them, at an appointed signal, break the pitcher and let the light shine, and then sound with the trumpet, crying, "The sword of the Lord, and … Continue reading

Labor For Bread

Tomorrow is labor day here in the USA, it's a day usually associated with cook outs, appliance sales, and very little mention about what the day is supposed to be about.  I rarely remember hearing or reading anything about it being a day to celebrate work!  Which got me to thinking about labor, work.  Most … Continue reading Labor For Bread